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[Biz] How I got started

A common theme in places like reddit.com/r/networking and /r/sysadmin is – How do I get started?
I thought I might take the opportunity to write up where I came from and how I got to be at the time of writing this post.

As a teenager, like many others in IT, I had a history of attending numerous LAN Partys – places where people congregate with their computers to enjoy the latest multiplayer video games and have fun.
As part of participating, I was always investigating dedicated servers on the LAN, subnetting, portforwarding home routers and using virtual LAN technologies like LogMeIn’s Hamachi for online play of older games that didn’t have support.

After graduating from high school with abysmal scores, I shifted gears in towards design and multimedia at TAFE (Community college?). I personally have a creative side to me with Music (Drums, Bass Guitar) and thought I could try to go down that path for awhile. Although I didn’t struggle with the tech or coding, I just wasn’t there with the skills required to make things look pretty.

After a year of working with my dad building houses and refurbishing an office space, I went to University to try and study Multimedia a bit further and try again. Once again, no issues with the tech but the creativity wasn’t there, the degree didn’t cater to my coding side either.

From there I pursued a Masters in IT and Networking where I studied IT business related topics and CCNA/CCNP Level Networking.

I then moved into IT Help Desk/Service Desk at the university for a few months before being promoted up to the Networking team. After moving into a full time position, I was doing a substantial amount of project work in line with standard operational work. They key thing to note is that I took full advantage of the training benefits and earned my CCNA and CCNP during this time with help from my senior mentors.

Following that I moved to Japan with my wife to continue to challenge myself in unique ways, I studied Japanese all through primary, high school and a few years at University too so it seemed like the best way to continue that education.

The key point I’m making here is – commit to a path and don’t stop learning and its ok to fail!


Plan for this site:

1. Introductory Page

2. Regular posts about foreign life in Japan

3. Some technical posts about things I learn at work

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